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New default WordPress theme

It’s time to say hello to the brand new Twenty Twenty theme. It is designed by Anders Norén, and it is based on the free theme called Chaplin. It was released this summer and it can be downloaded from the repository. The main change is the typography of the theme. Twenty Twenty is using Inter typeface (font), which comes in various widths (bold, italics, extra bold). 

Changes to the User Interface

There are a few changes in the overall appearance of the WordPress user interface. So, there is no big changes in the Dashboard. The goal of the WordPress team is to improve color contrasts on form fields, buttons, add a new color palette, and a better look and feel of the editor than the current version.

Gutenberg improvements and new Blocks

The most noticeable change in Gutenberg blocks are the new animations and the feel. In WordPress 5.3 it is possible to create new Group Blocks. Also, the Image, Columns, Table and Button blocks have been improved. You will be able to add blocks with Social Media URLs with one-click, too.

Improved image uploads from smartphones

There are several changes to the upload process that should make the upload process from your smartphone a lot more smoother than previous. It will automatically save the uploading file in case it breaks in the middle. WP will be able to resume the upload automatically.

Administrator e-mail verification

All of the WordPress admins will need to verify their email address after the update to 5.3. You would not be able to change your settings before the e-mails was verified.

Contact Me

It’s always nice to meet my clients in person, I also love coffee… So if you are in or around Cheltenham I’m more than happy to meet at a nice coffee shop with Wi-Fi.

But if you’re more than a car drive away, I am happy to talk through your requirements by phone, email or Skype.

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You can use the contact form to get in touch with me. If you’d really rather send an email you can do so to – just please make sure you include all the information requested to the left. Thanks! I try to reply within 24 hours, excluding weekends (we all like to take a break, right?) 

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